Posted by: kkhalifax | May 28, 2009

Scary Smart

From Rose:
Most nights I get pretty jealous when my dad gives Gollum attention, after all I was here first (and I am the Queen of Everything). I tend to put on some sort of a floor show (i.e. grabbing a toy and throwing it in air, pouncing on it or start looking intently out the window or grab a bone and make like it’s the best treat in the house) to distract Gollum. My shows are infamous and can be quite entertaining! The other night Gollum was on the sofa with Dad and I was watching from the floor of all places. Our new fridge has a door alarm that beeps when the door is left open. This sound always causes Gollum to jump up and sometimes even give his trademark one woof (very Pavlovian). So on the night in question, I disappeared for a bit while the love-fest with Gollum was going on and what do you know…the fridge door alarm went off and predictably Gollum jumped off the sofa. Within microseconds, I was curled up in his spot looking very much like the cat that swallowed the canary…or rather the beautiful and intelligent dog outwits her brother again. He’s so easy, he falls for the old bait and switch every time!
My parents are still scratching their heads trying to figure out if I was the one who left the fridge door open…I’m not telling!



  1. I have no doubt who opened that door!! Yes, Queen Rose, you are amazing! lol

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