Posted by: kkhalifax | June 8, 2009

Rose’s dream sleep

On the weekend, my mother awoke at 1:30 am to the sound of someone banging on their crate door. Now usually this signifies that Gollum ate something bad the day before and now has to get up and go outside in a hurry. Mom got up and opened the bedroom door to let in some light, and heard that the crate smacking was coming from me. She came over and this is what she beheld…me on my back with my arms up over my head and my nails scraping on the crate door as I was dreaming and twitching. Mom just shook her head and went back to bed.



  1. O.K. Rose, we know you are the Quuen of eveerything, but you are hogging the blog! Please let your brother use the computer so we can hear from him. otherwise, I will have to get him a cell phone so he can Twitter. Also, perhaps you and Gollum would like to Skype with Uncle Jonny and me sometime.

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