Posted by: kkhalifax | June 22, 2009

The Week The Doggies Went

Due to some criticizims made by a certain family member this weekends update will be done by Gollum. No guarantees that it will be legible.
Hello everyone (tail wagging)! This is mi decrypshun of our weekend:
*went to Tatamagouche to stay with Grammy and Grampie-first time without Mom
*went for a walk on trail never been on before-lots of smells
*slept under fan in living room
*watched baby cows on farm next door by jumping on Grammy’s bed and looking out her window
*went to beach but tide was out so only ran on mud flats
*had to have feets cleaned with hose due to mud flats
*slept under fan in living room
*watched more baby cows
*slept in my pup tent in Grampie’s room
*tried to sleep on Grampie’s bed and make him sleep in my pup-tent
*waited for parents to pick us up
*slept for rest of weekend at home-Grampie very exhausting


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