Posted by: kkhalifax | June 30, 2009

Bath Time

Not much went on this weekend with the pups. Decided to give them both baths to try to get rid of some of the hair that is falling out of them like crazy right now. In winter we bath them inside in the bathtub, but in summer we do it outside in a wading pool with the hose. We did Rose first (because she hopped right in) and when she was done she started bombing around the backyard at breakneck speed which of course thrilled Gollum who immediately started chasing her! They had a great time and Rose even managed to jump through a tiny opening in some metal scrollwork panels we have at serious speed. After Gollum has his bath he spends about 10 minutes grinding on the lawn. He covers a lot of ground that way. As we were towelling them off I realized that all I did was loosen more hair up and they are shedding worse than ever!
I took all the throw pillows off of the couch and chair where I knew Rose would go so they wouldn’t get all wet. I piled them up high against the wall in the living room—later that evening Miss Rose climbs in, moves them around, circles 7 or 8 times and lays down in what looks like it should not be all that comfortable but yet manages to make herself as snug as a bug in a rug! That’s why we call her Cosy Rosy!


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