Posted by: kkhalifax | August 5, 2009

How I Spent My Summer vacation

Hello all!  We had our summer vacation yesterday. 

Actually it didn’t start until 11:30am because Mom and Dad had to do some work before we left. 

We went to a place we had never been to called Taylor HEad Provincial Park which is on the Eastern Shore of NS.

We went for a great hike:  we got reprimanded by someone for not being on leash even though we are experienced and polite hikers.  We got a little lost but eventually all found our way out.  Mom alsmost ran into a porcupine cause she was in the lead and teh porcupine was on the trail.  She was a little surprised!  Gollum wanted to play with him but obviously he wasn’t allowed.

We had a great few hours of hiking, swimming an dbest of all, picnic-ing.  The mosquitoes and the fog was thick so we all have some itchy parts today.

That is how I spent my summer vacation.

Love, Rose



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