Posted by: kkhalifax | November 9, 2009

Cause for Paws

From Rose:

I am still recovering from a most exhausting but enjoyable evening spent with other patrons of the NS SPCA at the annual Gala on Saturday evening.  As you may have heard, we were chosen to represent the animal world at the Gala since we have  a reputation of being very well-mannered canine companions.  I wore a very sharp new pink faux- snakeskin collar and wine colored bow from Winners over which I had many compliments.  We got lots of attention from all of the pet-lovers  attending.  We were unfortunately put in the Volunteer room for the main meal but I heard it was really good.  We came back for the cheesecake and entertainment though.  By the end of the evening it was way past my beauty sleep time, so I caught a few winks while laying next to our table.  ( I was fighting it hard and never actually put my head down, but my eyes were closed apparently)!

From Gollum:

Got all duded up on Saturday and schmoozed with my peeps at the SPCA Gala.  I wore a red silk bow tie in addition to my new red collar.  (the ladies love me in red!)  My mom was calling me Orville Reddenbocker because of the tie.  Anyway, I was a hit of course and just about wagged my tail off.  At one point I just mingled and networked amongst the tables at the gala spreading my love for all things people.  Said hi to my vet Dr. Chris MacDonald and my Clicker Leash ladies.

Thanks to the others for joining us at the Kwik Kopy table:  Andrea and Darryl Conrad, Keith and Sherry Pierce, Dale and Tanya Peyton.

A great time was had by all and we encourage everyone to look for the event next year and join us for a wonderful evening for a fabulous cause!


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