Posted by: kkhalifax | December 3, 2009

Back in business

We’re back at work after a GREAT day with Grampy and Grammy. While it’s good to have a day off every once in a while, we know that we serve a very important role at Kwik Kopy Halifax.

In fact, we were doing some sniffing around yesterday and ran into a study from the American Humane Association (as you probably know we read extensively when not finishing up Grampy’s crossword for him). It states loud and clear that having pets like us around makes the office a much better place to be.

We’ll give you the short and sweet version. Benefits of having pets in the workplace include:

– Increased staff morale and worker productivity

– Increased worker camaraderie

– Happier employees are more productive employees

– Presence of pets can lead to increased customer retention

So as you can see our work here is extremely important. In light of this new info, we’ve gone ahead and given ourselves a big promotion and are currently helping ourselves to some of the benefits.

As always we invite you to swing by Kwik Kopy Halifax to say hello. And bring some furry friends! We’re always happy the see them.


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