Posted by: kkhalifax | February 2, 2010

Strange winter days at Kwik Kopy Halifax

Rose: OK, seeing as how we’ve already determined that it is -1,000,000 C outside today, we’re going to play a little game to keep ourselves entertained. Play along. We guarantee you’ll be surprised.

This is how the game works: we’ll show you a picture zoomed way in and you have to guess what it is. We’ll zoom out a little with each shot. Easy, right? Great, let’s play!

Here’s the first picture:

Gollum: Rose, this is way too easy. That’s the decal on the front of our store. That’s not much fun.

Rose: But wait, there’s more.

Gollum: Oh, it’s a visitor in front of our store. Well we get those all the time. We love visitors.

Gollum: Oh, OK, it’s a really tall visitor. We love those, too.

Gollum: Oh, it’s just a visitor on a unicycle…

…A VISITOR ON A UNICYCLE?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHAT- HOW- WHY??!?! I’m speechless.

Rose: Thought so. Here are some more pictures of our buddy, David Cox, who is practically family since he’s the son of the St. John’s Kwik Kopy operator, Tony. David not only braved the cold to come by, but, yes, also rode up on a unicycle.

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