Posted by: kkhalifax | February 17, 2010

Dog-Run Print Shops

From Gollum: (may contain adult situations)
Went to visit ETC. PRESS today (the other dog-run city printer) and met “Otis”. His older brother Newman wasn’t at work today (the privilege of seniority just like Rose). Apparently “Otis” has some behavioral issues (boo hoo) so our introduction was heavily supervised by all parents. I demonstrated my usual defence mechanism by immediately rolling on my back to show I am a lover not a fighter. He definitely seemed anxious to… how shall I say…ride me senseless. His dad did not allow him to however. Perhaps I should invest in some martial arts training and become the next Hong Kong Phooey-if you don’t know him, look him up…he’s my kind of dude. We both survived our meeting unscathed and he is really not a bad bloke I suppose.

PS. That “Otis” is some kind of Don Juan with the humans-(kissey Bastard!)

PPS. Rose avoided the testosterone showdown by staying in the truck and watching the people go by (trying to will them to go into the Tim Horton’s next door and bring her a Tim Bit.


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