Posted by: kkhalifax | March 8, 2010

Olympic withdrawal diary: Day 8

Rose and Gollum play hockeyFrom Rose: So it’s already been a week since the Olympics ended. We’ve both had our ups and downs about the whole thing, so we’ve decided to start our own hockey league. After much discussion it was decided that I could be anyone I wanted AND be Team Canada. But while I was sewing my sweater, Gollum went out and got his own stick, a Sid the Kid jersey and a gold medal to boot. Typical…

If anyone wants to join the league get in touch. Right now we’re still accepting players though spaces are filling up fast… well, pretty fast… well, OK Gollum and I are the only ones in the league. It’s still the best league in town.

Gollum working on his skiing



  1. Molly Cool says she thinks hockey sounds like fun, she is wondering though if maybe tennis balls could be used instead of pucks????

    • Of course! Gollum has a real knack for finding tennis balls in the strangest places, so we’ll never run out.

  2. Max wants me to ask if he can join too. He says he has the right attitude for it. And the hair. And the talent. Ok, so he’s a little full of himself. But you just can say no to those eyes!

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